The Artist

Silent Ravyn is an artist and web designer from Alberta, Canada whose lifelong affinity for animals and nature is reflected in their illustrations and creations. They believe art and stories of animals are a beautiful, primeval way of understanding our world and ourselves, which is why they represent themself as a canine and uses animal imagery to tell stories of both human and animal nature. They are passionate about traditional media, putting physical pencil to paper, and enjoy experimenting with many artistic techniques using watercolor, acrylic and gouache paints, colored pencils, markers, graphite and ink. As every tool presents something visually unique and every combination creates something new, most of their works are done in mixed media; taking the best of all worlds. When they aren't slaving over a new painting they love hiking, travelling, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, playing with their boston terrier cross, and generally making life an adventure.

The Character

Their personal character, Ravyn, is an arctic fox / timber wolf hybrid (alopex lupus) with the excitable mindset of a puppy. They have white, brown and grey fur, mismatched eyes, a floppy ear and heart shaped pawpads. They are most often (and most adorably) drawn as a feral, but can be anthro if it suits the scene. They were brought to life as a fursuit by Don't Hug Cacti, and you may see them running around a convention near you!

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